ˈalkəmē Drunken spelling bee Triple Crown Tournament

The Dates

Wednesdays in March - 7, 14, 21.  The games start at 7:00 pm.  All participants should check in by 6:30.  

The Details

All those wishing to participate in the games should call ˈAlkəmē and register.  $10 Registration fee guarantees your place and a drink.  You can participate in one game, or all three, but if you win all three you will receive the dubious honor of being the Triple Crown Winner and a $50 gift certificate to ˈAlkəmē.  All winners will receive a prize for participation.  Everyone else will have a good time anyway.  

The ˈAlkəmē Triple Crown Spelling Bee Rules

  • All Spelling Bee competitions will be preceded by Happy Hour Specials - 5-7pm including 50% Deschute Fresh Squeezed IPA.
  • The Spelling Bee will Commence at 7:00 pm.  
  • All Contestants should check in by 6:30 pm the day of the competition to be eligible to compete.
  • Entrance into the competition is $10 and includes a drink with entry. 
  • Each Contestant will be issued a number upon check-in.  This number designates the order in which you will be called to spell.  
  • The Spelling Bee Host will call upon the first contestant, or the consecutive contestant to stand.
  • The Contestant must stand to answer the spelling word. 
  • The Host will pronounce the word to be spelled.  He/She will then use the word in a sentence and repeat the word. 
  • The Contestant must stand, repeat the word, and spell the word correctly and repeat the word a second time - indicating that he/she is finished - to advance to the next round.
  • Unless the contestant is unable to stand, the contestant MUST stand to be eligible for the next round.
  • All cell phone use by the contestants or their friends is prohibited during the competition.  All whispering is prohibited.  
  • Each contestant has no more than 15 seconds to consider the spelling of the word before beginning to spell.  
  • A Contestant may correct his/her spelling mid-way through the word, but if the contestant has repeated the word (indicating that he/she is finished) he/she may not correct the spelling.  
  • Judges will be called upon if by the pronunciation of the word by the contestant it seems the contestant did not hear the word correctly or misunderstood the word.  Should the judges determine that there was a misunderstanding, the contestant will be given another word to spell.  
  • If the Contestant misspells the word, he/she will be eliminated from the contest, but is free to sit in the audience, eat, drink and laugh at the other contestants.
  • After 45 minutes, if a winner has not yet been determined through elimination, the  Foreign Food Lightning Round will commence.  
  • A winner is determined by being the last contestant to spell the word correctly. 

Prizes will be awarded the night of the contest. 

All Contestants are welcome to compete in all 3 tournaments but it is not compulsory.  If a contestant does win all three competitions, they will be awarded the ˈAlkəmē Triple Crown.